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Body Measurements

Medical Weight Loss

 Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals 

 The only way to change your life is to change your lifestyle. Long term success will depend on permanent changes in your day to day life. The hardest part, however, is the first step. Getting started on your weight loss journey must begin somewhere. At Revamp Med Spa the first stem start with your consultation with Dr. Geller.


 Our Process

 Initial consultation

 Initial Consultation 

 Your initial consultation will last approximately 45 minutes. During this visit one of our providers will review your medical and weight history, discuss your short and long term goals, and present to you what your expected weight loss will be. Your visit includes:

 Your Visit

Your Visit Includes:

  • Full medical history

  • State-of-the-art body composition and metabolic
    analysis with 4 a page report

  • Brief physical exam

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If you decide to start one of our programs, you will then receive:

  • Physical Exam

  • ECG (electrocardiogram)

  • An order for complete lab work

 Our Program

 There are several options available to you. Your plan may involve full meal replacement, partial meal replacement, or a detailed calorie plan using your own food, specific to your metabolic needs. For some patients, an FDA approved medicine may be used to help decrease your appetite, decrease cravings, increase your metabolism, or make you feel more satisfied with smaller portions. Our medical providers will help you choose the medication best for your needs. Dr. Geller is a nationally recognized expert in obesity medications.
A full or partial meal replacement is done with our convenient and tasty portion-controlled products stocked on-site. They contain high-grade protein and are nutritionally balanced, so that you may safely reach your weight loss goal.
Your follow-up appointments will be either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the plan you choose. At each appointment, which lasts approximately 15 minutes, your provider will monitor your health and progress, measuring your vital signs and doing a brief exam. Any medical issues will be addressed at this time. Counseling on lifestyle changes, explanation of metabolism, and how your body processes the food you eat, and general weight loss information will be discussed at this visit.


Lipo B Injection

Individual Injection.....................$60
Purchase A Series of 4............. $180
B-12 and Lipo B paired.............$110
Series of B 12 and amino..........$330

Lipo-B injections ensure that your body receives all the necessary nutrients to keep you at your energetic best. Many of these nutrients are not easily absorbable by mouth and need to be taken by injection. Injections are safe, effective and an easy way to keep your body well-balanced. They help increase your energy as well as contribute to the success of your weight loss plan.

Benefits Include:

  • Speeding up metabolism and increasing weight loss

  • Increasing energy levels and mental work capacity

  • Increasing concentration and memory function

  • Decreasing irritability and depression

Drug and Syringe

 Vitamin B12 Injections 

Individual Injection.....................$60
Purchase A Series of 4............. $180
B-12 and Lipo B paired.............$110
Series of B 12 and amino..........$330

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is an essential water-soluble vitamin that the body uses to maintain healthy nerve cells and help iron to function properly. B12 injections have many benefits and are often prescribed for deficiencies that cause fatigue, shortness of breath, diarrhea, numbness and, neurological damage. It is also beneficial in increasing your metabolism. Scientific studies prove definitively that vitamin injections are much more efficient than gel caps. The molecular structure of the vitamin is not entirely attacked by the acids and enzymes of the digestive system. Consequently, the absorption/retention rate of the B12 injection is much higher and the results faster and more efficient.

Grapefruit and Vitamins

 Medications for weight loss

Product Subtitle

  • Phentermine

  • Contrave

  • Belviq

  • Qsymia

  • Saxenda

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