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Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading

 Permanent and semi Permanent Cosmetics 

Permanent cosmetics — also known as microblading, microstroking, 3D permanent brows or dermal cosmetics — is a form of cosmetic tattooing. Permanent cosmetic application uses tiny needles and various techniques to implant pigments into the skin for a more defined shape. Since the pigment is implanted into the skin, it is considered permanent, and yes, it is a tattoo. However, the pigments do fade over a period of 1-3 years, depending on skin health and lifestyle.
Permanent cosmetics are not necessarily intended to replace makeup completely. When you want to kick up your heels and go out for a night on the town, or simply want a different look, you can apply as much additional makeup as you wish. Permanent cosmetics can provide a great alternative to those who suffer from hair loss, alopecia, over-tweezing, or thinning eyebrows.  It is also a great alternative for the busy professional or athlete who needs to look her best all the time.

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress
Eyebrow Treatment

Andrea's Pricing

*Pricing is subject to change*



Booking fee $100 (Non- Refundable deposit Credited to your first appointment)

First app $500

Second app $200

2.5 Hours



Booking fee $100 (Non- Refundable deposit Credited to your first appointment)

First app $600

Second app $200

2.5 Hours

Fusion Brow Total   


Booking fee $100 (Non- Refundable deposit Credited to your first appointment)

First App $600

Second app $200

2.5 Hours

Additional Touch up for stubborn skin up to 10 weeks after 2nd session    


1.5 Hours

12-18 Month Rebuilding yearly appointment (Pricing for existing clients only)  

$350 Microblding /$400 Machine

  2.5 Hours

18-24 Month Appointment (Pricing for existing clients only)  

$400 Microblading/ $450 Machine

 2.5 Hours

After 24 months

full price

*Booking fees are nonrefundable 

Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement


Booking fee


First appointment 


2nd Appointment  (6-8 week touchup)


(Non- Refundable deposit Credited to your first appointment)

2.5 Hours

Lip Liner / Lip Blushing


Booking fee


First Session


Touch Up  (6-8 week touchup)


(Non- Refundable deposit Credited to your first appointment)

2.5 Hours

ReVamp only takes on previous work upon approval. You MUST email a photo before booking. We do not “touch up” other artists' work, it is considered a new appointment, and any time we go over previous work the price is considered a new appointment fee.

*A  100.00 non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee is mandatory. The retainer will go towards the final price if you reschedule you will have to leave another booking fee.

Please email us for availability!

Permanent Makeup Procedure


Can I choose the shape and the color?

You will have discuss shape and color with your cosmetic tattoo artist. In proposing a design for you, we will consider age, personality, current use of makeup, daily activities and the color and undertones of your skin.  The artist will also consider the shape of your lips, structure of your brow bone, or curvature of your eyelid before creating the shape outline. Once the design has been drawn on, you must approve before tattooing occurs. 

Will my eyebrow hair continue to grow?

Yes. To maintain the shape of the tattoo, we recommend tweezing, threading, or getting electrolysis to remove any hairs that grow outside of your tattoo pattern. We do not advise waxing.

Is this the same as a tattoo?

Microblading and permanent makeup are cosmetic tattoos. Any procedure that implants pigment or ink into the skin is a tattoo, and it is permanent.  However, instead of using regular tattoo equipment and needles, we use only state-of-the-art digital technology specifically formulated for cosmetic tattooing procedures. Our equipment is quiet, precise and more gentle for use on the face. 

Are the pigments safe?

We only use pigments specially-formulated for the face. Our pigments are of the highest grade and quality, and are strictly tested and regulated. 

What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent?

All tattoos are permanent, since something is being implanted into the skin. Even with removal, there will always be traces of pigment left behind.

How long will the tattoo last?

Even though we call a tattoo permanent, the color will fade naturally over time and you will need to have the color touched up. The time it takes to fade depends on the client's skin, health, lifestyle and tattoo maintentence. Generally, this is between one and five years depending on procedure. 

The following timeframes are typically recommended for touch ups:

  • Permanent Brows: 2 years

  • Permanent Eyeliner: 2-5 years

  • Permanent Lips: 2-5 years

How long does an appointment normally take?

The average time for a permanent makeup procedure is 2 – 2.5 hours. A seasoned master artist can complete a procedure in one hour or less. Before application, the client will undergo a consultation which includes discussion of medical history, lifestyle, personality, design, color, and any questions or concerns.  After a topical numbing agent has been applied, the design will be drawn on for review.  Tattooing itself takes between 30 and 90 minutes depending on tissue response.   

I have a darker complexion, is the procedure ideal for me?

Yes! Permanent cosmetics are beneficial for all skin types and ages.

Does age matter?

No!  We treat a wide range of clients.  The only restriction by law is that you must be 18 years of age.  We have found this treatment particularly beneficial for seniors who have lost the dexterity and steadiness needed to apply makeup.  We want everyone to feel beautiful!

Do you shave the eyebrow before you do an eyebrow procedure?

No, the hair is left in place. Any excess hair that is outside of the new design pattern will be removed as desired.  

I don't have any eyebrow hair at all — will this look fake?

3D Permanent Hairstroke Brows are meant to look as real as possible. Each individual stroke resembles an eyebrow hair, so the result is a realistic permanent brow. Hair stroke permanent brows look much more real than the pencil you may be applying.

Do microblading or permanent cosmetic procedures hurt?

Here at ReVamp, we do our best to keep you comfortable and relaxed with a gentle touch and topical numbing agents. The majority of our clients are pleasantly surprised by the pain level experienced, and many consider it less painful than a regular tattoo since there are less needles involved and a numbing agent is applied. We recommend that clients drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin. Do not take Ibuprofen, Aspirin or any type of blood thinner prior to a procedure.

Are there any restrictions on having these procedures?

Yes, there can be some medical issues that may prevent us from working on you.

  • If you are a diabetic, you must be in a controlled state, and your healing time may take longer.

  • If you have glaucoma, you cannot have an eyeliner procedure.

  • If you have a history of cold sores, then you must be on a prescribed medication before, during, and after any lip procedure.

  • If you are on blood thinners or fish oil, you must discontinue use for two weeks prior.

  • If you are on a Retin-A or Accutane product, you must discontinue use for three months prior.

  • If you use Latisse or eyelash enhancers, you must discontinue use for two months prior to an eyeliner procedure.

  • If you have had cosmetic surgery on your face, you must be three months healed.

  • If you have/had cancer, you must be six months past your last chemotherapy treatment.

  • There are no restrictions after Botox of the eyes or forehead area. In some rare instances of asymmetry, we may request you have Botox prior to a brow procedure.

  • If you have had lip fillers, you must be six weeks healed prior to a lip procedure.

  • If you are pregnant or nursing, you cannot get a tattoo.

  • If you have prior facial tattooing that was not done by us, you need to schedule a consultation.


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